2017 NFL Draft: Team Needs

In anticipation of my two final mock drafts, my 2017 NFL Mock Draft 4.0: Draft Edition and my 7-Round 2017 NFL Draft Super Mock, I wanted to reveal some of the inner workings of my mock draft process. To start, here’s a look at my final team needs matrix.

As you can see, I don’t take the conventional approach of simply listing or ordering team needs. I prioritize based on the three-day selection process. This involves a continual review of rosters, depth charts, contract statuses, and other team and draft resources, along with my own personal impressions, to make incremental updates throughout draft season, and then a full 32-team pass ahead of every mock. Then, as I mock, I make a personal determination based on the team’s needs and the board as they stand to make each pick.

I’ve used and built upon this method each the last three years and I’ve found that it works quite well for my own needs when it comes to the mock draft process. That said, I look forward to continuing to refine it and I have some ideas in mind for next draft season.

But until then, these are the NFL Draft team needs for 2017, according to Ringside to Sideline.

Team Needs

Team Needs Legend

Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think in the comments and check back soon for my 2017 NFL Mock Draft 4.0 and 2017 NFL Draft Super Mock!

Mock draft with my big board! Ringside to Sideline is now a selectable data option for the Fanspeak On the Clock Mock Draft Simulator. Visit fanspeak.com/ontheclock and start drafting!


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