2017 NFL Draft: Big Board

Draft day has arrived. In anticipation of the 2017 NFL Draft officially opening tonight, I wanted to continue revealing some of the inner workings of my mock draft process. I previously released my final team needs matrix. And now, I am making my final big board available.

To view the complete Ringside to Sideline big board, please click the following link:

Ringside to Sideline Big Board

When it comes to my personal mock draft process, I don’t take the conventional approach of ranking and stacking players into an ordered big board as individual teams and most draft analysts do. When you are working with all 32 teams, all valuing players and prioritizing needs differently, it’s virtually impossible to build a board that would work for them all. So instead, I attach grades to players, and categorize them into general tiers by draft range and position. So, for example, my first-round tier is as follows:


Much like my team needs matrix, I’ve used and built upon this method each the last three years and I’ve found that it works quite well for my own needs when it comes to the mock draft process. I do have some ideas in mind to further refine it, so I look forward to implementing those for next draft season.

That all being said, I did rank my top 300 players to produce a stacked big board for use with the Fanspeak On the Clock Mock Draft Simulator. So from now through the end of the draft, head over to fanspeak.com/ontheclock and draft with the final Ringside to Sideline big board.


 Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think in the comments!


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