Thank you for visiting Ringside to Sideline. I launched this personal sports blog in February 2014 as a space to share my thoughts on the NFL Draft, the Dallas Cowboys, and WWE.

In November 2017, RTS was transitioned to a curated archive of my published NFL Draft content to support the January 2018 launch of DRAFTPLEX.

Giving thoughtful consideration to retiring RTS altogether and archiving the content at DRAFTPLEX, I have instead chosen to maintain my original site so that it may serve as a time machine of sorts… a record of my growth as a content creator and my evolution into an emerging NFL Draft expert.

That all being said, you can now catch me every draft season at nfldraftplex.com. But, in the meantime, if you’ve made it this far into my history then, by all means, explore and enjoy!

Jason Pruett